A few key things to know about me:


Hi im Taryn, wellness & life coach  

Nutrition & holistic guide 


Medium for bringing out the best version of yourself


I’m here to empower you to take back your crown to be the Queen inside of you.

& what I know is that this version of yourself is already within you. 

  • I am a health and wellness coach turned spiritual junkie

  • I’ve spent 10 years showing women how to ditch the diets & stop restricting to actually LIVE their lives confidently

  • I hold a Bachelors in Kinesiology, along with a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification

  • I’ve taught Elementary + Middle school & am licensed in Special Education 

  • Low key love doughnuts, hiking, & the wanderlust life of connecting with nature

Where I help you mix intuition > logic to break down all the limiting beliefs once and for all. Time to transform into the best version of yourself. 


Whether you’re looking for help in weight loss, career changes, leaving toxic relationships, these women have learned how to step back into their power for the life they’ve always wanted.

That is where my whole soul lies, in guiding women to that next level up. To stretch into the containers that have been waiting to be embodied. 

Mission & Vision:

I am wholeheartedly passionate about teaching women like you how to own  their life, awaken the Goddess that’s always been within, & live abundantly carefree. 

After going through my own battle with Anorexia, and spending time battling my own struggles I have now been able to help hundreds of women take their lives back as well. 

Women who learned to create a balanced lifestyle and master the tools to never doubt themselves again. Through deep inner work, meditation, spiritual guidance, and rewiring their feminine energy to stop playing small with their desires.