1 Simple Rule to Not Quit Your New Year's Resolution:

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"And so the adventure begins".

2019 is here, and for some creating a resolution for the next 365 days to follow through with is daunting. Take into consideration that most people also end up creating lists longer than when they go to the grocery store. This approach however, doesn't always lead to the best #results.

For 2019 here's one simple rule that will help you not quit your resolution for the year.

Create a theme for your 2019

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What does that mean exactly? To put it shortly, it means give your 2019 a word that helps you make decisions, and gives directions on your actions. When you have an idea of what you want to accomplish along with a word to focus on, it makes commitment a little easier. It also helps you stay on track, because let's be honest not everyday is going to be #perfect.

For 2019, my theme is going to be Elevate. In my life elevate is going to mean two different things. First, no longer doing things that don't align with the direction I am going. In 2018, I did a detox of relationships, work environments, negative mindsets, and so much more. This year I intend to add more value into my #life, and continue to create an abundant mindset with every action I partake in. Secondly, it will be to elevate my health / fitness as a whole. I have a love in yoga / functional training, and plan to continue pushing my body in new ways as it continues to bring me happiness in my training methods. I also want to incorporate a more natural / holistic approach to my well being.

The best part about creating a theme though is that you are in control of how to adjust, and when to adjust. When you look at your resolution as being flexible to life vs. the "All or nothing" approach you are already setting yourself up for #success.

Other tips to help you not quit your resolution:

  • Get clear on your goal: WHY do you want to accomplish it? What feeling does that bring to you overall emotionally?

  • Start small: If you're looking to lose weight start adding the gym 3x a week vs. 5 days when you've never worked out before.

  • Track your progress: Keep a journal, use photos, do something that allows you to see that you're going in the right direction.

  • TELL SOMEONE: A friend, spouse, co-worker, family member. When you tell them, be excited. Feel the emotions you want to feel when it is done. (This also makes you accountable to someone else too!)

  • Quit with the perfectionism: If you have an "off" day, okay just means you're human (: Jump back on it the next day, and keep on trucking.

I challenge you to go create a theme for your next 365 of new adventures <3


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