5 Things To Consider On Scaling Back Your Training / Gym Routine While Traveling:

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What do I do about training while going out of town?! How do I stick to my routine while being on vacation?!

(Pause for a minute here, and raise your hand if you have had those thoughts when you're about to go travel). Whether you're new to #fitness, or a veteran having these thoughts is totally normal. While each person / situation varies, I want to share my two cents on how I approach this with not only myself but my clients.

First, let me start by saying traveling because you're competing (powerlifting / weight lifting) I do not place with this category. More so because I feel like that should already have been a conversation with your coach, and there should be a plan in place with that regard. This is for the lifters like me who are doing it as a #lifestyle. (weight loss, muscle gain, etc...) Now while I give my thought process on traveling + lifting, I will say that personally I always go to the gym at least once while on vacation. Not for the fact I feel as though I have to (which used to be me once upon a time), but because it is a lifestyle for me that I genuinely enjoy. PLUS, I love seeing new gyms / how they're laid out.

With that, here are my thoughts on your current routine / traveling. One the body needs a break at some point. Whether you deload, or take a full week off periodically throughout the year giving the body a rest to recover is WONDERFUL. Therefore, in my opinion this is the easiest time to do that. Since chances are things are out of routine, and you won't know what gyms are around this can take the stress load off of, "How am I going to lift". *Side note* If you don't deload EVER, or take time off of the gym, that is a separate conversation to have. I will leave it though at you should consider it.

If you do decide to lift / find a gym near by here are few things to consider:

  • How far did you travel: Out of state I'd say scale it back more flying wrecks your body like no ones business.

  • Outdoor activity: If you are going somewhere like Colorado (my recent trip), chances are you are doing more than walking that counts as a workout especially if you're not used to it.

  • Elevation: Breathing can be harder, and training can feel harder if you're not used to being higher up.

  • Sleep: Most times your sleep is altered while traveling. Whether staying up late, not sleeping on your bed, or other factors less sleep = more stress on the body = harder recovery.

  • Food: Are you eating to fuel your body, or having to make do with what is around? While most think they'll gain weight on vacation, a number actually LOSE weight due to doing so much, and not thinking about eating.

On my recent trip, here was my approach. The day of my flight / returning home I used as a rest day. I focused on one making my flight LOL, but also just stretching / getting a good amount of steps in. For me that's a non negotiable, I would rather not stress about timing at the gym or being rushed just for a "workout". The day after I arrived, I hit the gym and since I had it planned as a deload I dropped the weight. Another suggestion too, is that if you don't have a gym near by tabata + body weight movements is ALWAYS a killer. The last day of my trip, I went out to hike. This was a workout all alone for me, one I don't hike and two climbing a rock well...let me just say it was a sight to see.

Regardless of where you're going my biggest tip, is listen to your body. You need to do what feels right. While my approach when traveling works for me, maybe it doesn't work for you. I am not saying by any means that it is wrong to continue your training as if you had never left in the first place. What I am saying though, is that there are definitely things you should consider when deciding your approach to lifting while traveling. Take these tips, and do what feels right for YOU!

(Just make sure to focus on enjoying your travels vs. being consumed in thoughts of how to get your training in).


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