7 Tips That Will Change Your Guilt On "Falling Off Track":

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"Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts".

Ah the weekend, a time when most feel the most excited compared to the other 5 days of the week. It's a time when you make plans with friends, go out on dates with a loved one, or celebrate a special event. At least that's how it should be viewed.

However, years ago that was NOT the case for me. When it came to going out, eating out, being social I rarely went. In fact, if I did manage to "go out to eat" typically I just sat there with water while everyone else ate foods that smelled so wonderful. I remember getting invited out, and I would intentionally eat beforehand, because not knowing what calories were in those meals freaked me out. (Thank you anorexia, you really did your part there).

My friends never really said anything, but I knew that it wasn't the most ideal thing. As an adult part of #dating or heck being #social is going out to dinner. It's having fun convos with those around you, and simply relaxing. When you struggle with an eating disorder, or a fear of foods due to restricting yourself that is just not the case. Over the years I managed to work on my restrictions, fears, guilt, and while it wasn't easy it made where I am at now the HAPPIEST I have ever been in terms of how I view food.

Heck the other day a client of mine baked me muffins, and the first thing I asked was, "Do you have more of these?" Talk about a complete turn around. The old me would have told her they tasted good, and given them to my sister.

With that I wanted to share my 7 tips to help you enjoy life rather than skip out on the memories like I did. While they might not all work for you, I am sure there is something you can take away from it!

7 Tips to not feeling guilt / enjoying the memories:

  1. If you know you're going out that night, then focus the earlier parts of your day on PROTEIN. Most restaurants, or drinks are loaded with carbs / sugars. Focus on getting protein in early.

  2. Do a lower carb approach throughout the day, allowing yourself to have a reserve of carbs will help you not feel bad later while out with friends.

  3. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help make sure you're actually hungry vs. just being thirsty later.

  4. DON'T fast all day or skip meals. This can cause you to eat far more later due to feeling like you're "starving".

  5. Go for a walk the next day, just move / do your normal routine. NO NEED to ramp up the cardio.

  6. DON'T weigh yourself the next morning. Chances are your sodium levels are higher, which holds water. This can cause the scale to say you've "gained" weight, and let's not add more reason to feel "guilty".

  7. Make sure you get a good amount of sleep.

  8. Remember the evening, focus on the fun / memories you created.

The biggest take away though from my journey that I want to share is that, just like that quote from above life is meant to be enjoyed. Life doesn't revolve around food, food fits into your life. One day "off the wagon" to have a lifetime of a memory in your head to me definitely wins.

Go out there, and enjoy your ice cream <3


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You're worth it.

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