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As the New Year is about to kick off this is when everyone and their mother does the whole, "New Year new me 2019". If this is you, well KUDOS for taking charge. Better late than never I say, and chances are you are probably excited yet nervous all at the same time!

The last year my approach to training / what I like to incorporate into my #workouts has changed 100%. This year my main focus after competing in powerlifting, has been to functionally move better. I want to feel better, be able to do pull ups, handstands, things that aren't just traditional "lifting". As I have changed my style of training, the gear I am using has adjusted too.

What better time than now to share my

Top 8 Essentials:

  1. Kettle bells: These are great for total body movements, and really working on stabilization.

  2. AB wheel roller: I never did this right before, so I suggest watching some videos on proper form. However, it is a game changer!

  3. Sling Shot: Best glute activator or leg warm up addition I have had.

  4. Yoga blocks: These have helped me with my poses, and on days where I am not as limber.

  5. Beats: I CANNOT function in the gym without headphones. Make the investment on ones that will last...or you will be frustrated for having to buy new ones ALL THE TIME.

  6. Resistance bands: 3 tensions are a good start (light, med, heavy)

  7. Shoes: Find a gym shoe you feel good in (for me Metcons seem to be my go to)

  8. Routine: Take the time to find the style of training you're going to love.

Number 8 is really important. Over the last year I have done some major re-modeling on my fitness routines. Learn that it's okay to try other methods of #training! Most importantly, find what you like and go after it!

While this list might not serve everything for you, these are my essentials.

Let me know what yours are, because I love adding new things <3

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