A Simple Guide To Easy Meals While Traveling:

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Peace out Texas, hello again Colorado.

Traveling, a time when it should be relaxing, fun, and just a break from the real world. One month ago I came to #Colorado, and well here we are again. There's just something about the scenery, escape, and of course getting to see a good friend that I couldn't say no to.

Garden Of The Gods

Like many though, when I would travel nutrition / working out were my BIGGEST concerns. While you may not be trying to lose weight right now, traveling seems to put the thought in our minds that we will come back 10 ibs heavier. The funny part though, it is our mind playing tricks on us more often than not. In fact, I have lost a pound already. From hiking, a little more sleep, and being gone seeing the city so much, I am not eating enough. Typically, this can be a reality for many on their travels as well.

That doesn't mean though that I don't like to eat, in fact #breakfast is always my favorite thing. While you might be going out to eat here are few simple recipe or meal ideas that can leave you satisfying a craving, and also not feeling like you're on a "diet"

Healthy french toast:

2 slices of a low cal. bread. (Ezekiel, Sara Lee 45 cal) I use Dave's Killer Bread.

1 egg white x slice of bread. (The eggstra I just scramble after I am done).

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Splash of almond milk

Cook like regular french toast.

Toppings (The best part)

1 tsbp almond butter

1/2 cup berry of choice

1/2 serving crushed almonds or granola (If you have more fats to spare)

Walden Farms or sugar free syrup

Homemade chili bowls SERVES 4

Pita chips: Cook as needed

1 pita bread: Slice / cut into chips. Spray with butter or olive oil. Season salt sprinkled on top.

Air fry, or broil in oven until crispy to your preference.


1 pound of ground turkey, or lean beef

1 tbsp of each: Chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin

1/2 tsbp paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne & salt

1/2 tsp salt

Ground meet, and add seasonings. Once mostly cooked add

1/2- 15 oz can tomato sauce

1/2 - 6 oz tomato paste

8 oz water

Bring to simmer, then cook 15 minutes. Add 1/2 tsp baking soda stir until bubbles are gone.

Remove from heat, divide into 4.

I added diced sweet potatoes vs. beans. Also topped with Plain Greek yogurt, and jalepenos.

My other go to easy meal prep are the already flavored tuna packets sold at any Target, Walmart, or grocery store. Whether you pair it with rice cakes, wraps, just on a salad, these are life savers! Packed with protein, and low fats / carbs, all you need is a fork when you're in a jam.

The biggest thing is make choices that you're confident in. Aim for protein, carb, fat at each meal, and be mindful of portion sizes. Another tip, is to also listen to your body. Stop when you're full, and remember a few days of "not your normal" foods due to vacation won't leave you starting all over.


Nutrition inquiries: Transformwithtaryn.com

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