Allowing Yourself To Blossom: Seasons of Growth

"Just as the seasons change, so did she.

To most Winter brought



The ability to feel nothing.

For her Winter was her blank white canvas.

It was her opportunity to blossom into all she was hiding inside".


How often does it feel as though we are living this cyclical loop hole of a #life? Each morning waking up at the same time, grabbing the same breakfast, off to the same job (which hopefully is enjoyable), and coming home to the same space. All to rinse, wash, repeat the next day. As you're doing that, how many times do you find yourself daydreaming? Whether it's someone else's life you find to be far more enticing, dreams you've had of what your life should be like, or heck just anything but your current situation. Sound familiar?

Chances are you have been in this same situation, and while that daydream is ever so exciting it is also the most terrifying thing. You want X, yet find that to be impossible. It doesn't matter what the reason is, the lack mindset there is holding you back. For most, it stems from fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not having the answers. Fear of no longer being in control of your cynical loop.

Trust me I've been there, and let me tell you first hand the mental exhaustion of wanting so much more VS. the fear our minds can create is absurd. When we allow fear or the unknown control our real desires though, we are telling ourselves we aren't meant for more. (Ever notice how then ironically a series of unfortunate events start to happen in your life). Now I am not saying that seasons of growth or when you blossom into your full potential is easy either, but I will say it is worth the "pains".

Take my two month check in from moving to Tennessee for example. I will admit that the first week, I had the "Everything is awesome" (Yes, I hope you sang the Lego Movie song just now) face going. On the inside though, I was a WRECK. From knowing basically no one, to a new job, being lost everywhere I went, it had me thinking perhaps my dreams / desires of leaving Texas were meant to be just a dream. It has me questioning why I was so eager to pull the trigger, and why I said yes in the first place. Flash forward 2 months later, and your girl is THRIVING. Granted yes, I still don't know many people, and my GPS is my life saver, I have NEVER felt such peace or excitement. I've had people I just met tell me I look happy. People I don't know telling me that I have this energy that is contagious. What I am getting at here is the seasons of our biggest growth (the ones that test you most) those are the ones to soak in.

How did I allow this season of growth to happen?

Top 3 tips:

  • Make sure the choices you're making are for YOURSELF

  • Find something daily that is for YOU (Morning walks for example, I cannot live without them).

  • Get deep / real with your feelings (Quit trying to sweep that shiz under the rug)

  • Lead with your gut.

The best thing about seasons changing, no two seasons are ever alike. No two Falls, no two Winters. It's your mindset that dictates what they look like though. The seasons in your life are no different. Each moment is your blank canvas, each moment is for you to decide if it's a snow storm, or Winter wonderland. My advice, quit settling for the storm based on fear. We're all meant for lifetime full of wonderlands.


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