Tricks for anxiety:

“Fear is something we manifest”. #fear #lifestyle

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Do you ever worry about something that honestly hasn’t even happened yet? Perhaps it’s money, a job, a relationship, whatever it is you panic. Maybe you only see it going wrong, but truthfully fear doesn’t exist. We give ourselves the power of fear by creating it.

For myself, #anxiety or worry is something I’ve had to work on a lot lately. I overthink, & over analyze which often leaves me feeling thoughts of doubt. This last month I’ve really began to look deep for what causes these feelings for myself, but also how do i deal with them? First let me say it’s okay to be struggling. Never let someone make you feel worse about a mental health issue you might be going through.

So what causes my anxiety or #worry? Being a people pleaser, not wanting to fail (which you need to grow), being told i told you so, not being good enough are all classic examples. How does this impact my life? It’s hard for me to make decisions for myself. Sleep often sucks, and I hold guilt over a choice I make because what if it’s the wrong one. My mind is always racing, I feel anxious often, & it's exhausting.

I’ve noticed lately that something needed to be done. I also think many of us deal with some of issues too. Maybe on different scales, but none the less someone somewhere can say they relate.

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Tips that have helped me:

  • Talking to a therapist. Letting someone else help me find the root of my feelings or mechanisms.

  • Going for more walks & setting aside time for meditation

  • Saying the worry out loud & then saying why it worries me

  • Recognizing the symptoms that start itJournaling my feelings when i recognize it

  • Yoga

  • Improving my sleep patterns

  • Nutrition : making sure I’m getting the essential micros / vitamins my body needs

  • PUPPY! Apollo has changed my life so much and he doesn’t even know it

  • Trying new things

  • Saying to myself it’s okay to worry. It’s okay to not be great at everything.

  • Saying: I’m in control of my life, not my anxiety or worry. It does not control me

  • Letting myself feel. Telling myself it’s okay. I’ve tried hiding it, bottling it up, not letting people know because i felt weak.

Guess what, it only makes it worse. You shouldn’t have to hide what you’re going through. I hope some of these tips help you. Or maybe it allows you to start small on finding what is causing you these feelings.

Tips / Tools:

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