Are Society's Standards Affecting Your Life?

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It's funny how as a kid we're in such a rush to grow up. We want all the "freedom", and to not have our parents always over our shoulders. As kids, we're always wanting to do our own thing. However, once we become adults doing "our own thing" is shunned if it doesn't seem to fit the "norm".

We all know the norm I am talking about, because more than half of us secretly try to fit into it everyday even though we loathe it. Even though it makes us more unhappy. Just like most kids, I once was eager to grow up. In fact I was so eager I graduated high school early, had a job before I was 16, and my license the day of #freedom . Now that I am almost 28 that eager little kid, is finding adulthood to be quite the headache.

Adulting in society's eyes:

Work the cliche 9-5 job, or something professional rather. Salary=safety=security=BILLS PAID. If you're a teacher, make sure you're doing all you can for your students. After all it's your responsibility to get them to succeed right? Have the Pinterest rooms and technology projects created. Oh, and little Johnny I know he isn't on grade level so you might want to stay later for tutoring or something to help him out. His mom will thank you later.

Be sure that if you have a pet, don't be a horrible dog mom / dad. Since you'll be gone all day with work, better have someone lined up to let the pup out. Better yet, drop them off at daycare! Which means hope that extra tutoring or hour at work is paying you, because daycare / a dog sitter can run up to $400 x month depending. However, your dog needs to be let out and exercise.

Wait even though the dog is family, can't forget about your real family. If you're older without being married, what are you even doing? If you're engaged, at least you're close to the norm. Oh... you're single though, you really should go out more and meet someone you're not getting any younger you know. That also means you might not have kids yet, and HELLO life is about creating so now you really should speed up that show especially if you're single. Don't even get started with the conversations when you mention that you don't want kids (like myself). How could you be so selfish?

Now we need to be healthy, so you should be going to the #gym or doing something fitness related. It's super important in today's society, and if you're single you wanna look good to meet someone. Either squeeze it in early before work (since after you're with little Johnny remember) or maybe after work. Wait but then when are you planning your social life to meet new people? Guess the 5 am bandwagon it is!

Society is all about self care too, which means that #vacations are something we should all be doing. If you're not traveling like everyone else, you're missing out on life. I mean Sally went to Cancun, Disney with her family, and is planning her Christmas already. You've only left the state twice really need to explore more. However, traveling costs money. Which means do you ditch some of that "small" social time you somehow found to work more, or do you decide that being social / meeting someone makes you fit in more to the norm?

If fitting into society's norm has you feeling that this girl above, GOOD. I used to hate that I wasn't where everyone else was in life at my age. See, I am a teacher but lord knows (and those who have seen my classroom) I am NOT the Pinterest guru. For 28, I am single which means marriage and what not are not on my list. Unlike most women I don't want kids, I am selfish and to be honest I think I am smart acknowledging that one vs. popping a baby out sometime to "fit in". When it comes to being social, I am as social as the conversations brought about during an intense Hulu show. While I do go to the gym, it has never been to look good for someone else nor will it ever be. Lastly, with vacations I don't need to see a million places like others I know to feel like I am living life.

Rather than being what society dictates as "acceptable" I am unapologetically ME. I am a 28 year old who thrives off helping others. Sleeved in tattoos, yet has a kind heart. I enjoy my alone time, and am big into yoga. Most my attire is yoga pants, and you're lucky if I put my hair in anything but a pony tail. Despite the questions, or assumptions people have on where I am in life vs. where most are my age I AM HAPPY.

What I hope you get out of this, is that the second you stop playing by society's rules you too start really living life.


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