Beginners Guide To Meal Prep:

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New Year, new goals, and for some the start of their fitness journey. For some this is a daunting milestone, as it is an unknown environment. For most starting, all we see are the people who "know it all", and often it can be discouraging more than anything.

If there's one thing I have learned lately, it is that as humans we complicate far too much. From fitness programs, diet plans, to even everyday life it is almost as if we tell ourselves we can't have "easy". In all honesty though, a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. It is more so finding what we like, and how to implement it into our lives.

So what if we allowed ourselves to enjoy easy or rather #simplicity. What if we just stopped complicating things that in turn add more #stress to our lives? Which leads me to this meal prep should be easy. Hence PREP, you're looking to get ahead. (:

Let's start then with the one question I get asked all the time, "How do I meal prep, or how do I diet". First let me point out one diet isn't necessarily better than another. What really matters is what are you going to be able to follow. Which is going to leave you not feeling hungry, restricted, and better yet confused.

Regardless of what diet you want to follow (& I can answer questions about this if you're struggling) I want to share some of my favorite / easy meal prep options.

Top meal prep ideas:

  • Oatmeal: Oats are by far my fav breakfast. Reason being there is so much you can do to them. If you don't like eating the "same thing" everyday this allows you to easily switch the flavor by adding or deleting one item. My fav combo is: oats, peanut butter, cinnamon, banana, sugar free syrup.

  • Sandwiches: Have you ever looked at how many sandwich options you have?! From the classic PB&J to a fancy loaded sub there are so many flavors you can bring to your taste buds at a relatively low calorie consumption if done properly. Fav combo: Sara lee 45 cal bread, smoked turkey breast, mustard, and ALL THE VEGGIES, also toasted because #basic.

  • Homemade chipotle bowls: These are super quick to do! Add your fav meat (ground turkey, beef, tofu) load it with black beans / rice, then veggies, cheese if that's your fancy, and of course hot sauce.

  • Protein shake: Great option if you're on the go and can't eat eat while out. Simply grab your fav powder, load it up with ice, almond milk / water, berries, and blend. Filling / nutritious all at once.

  • Protein bars: I am not a fan of these with my digestion, however these are always really great tools for meal prep snacks or workout fuel if needed. (RX bars are my fav)

  • Ready to go packs: Almonds, apple slices, peanut butter, by simply having a stash of these pre-packaged snack size foods meal prep is a grab and go quickie!

There are tons more easy hacks for meal prep, but I would first say that you need to know what you like to eat. Don't just google meal prep, try to recreate the first google description you see, and set yourself up for failure because you realize it is nothing that you would ever eat.

Go out have fun, get your prep on, and if you have diet questions reach out I'd love to answer your questions.



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