Confessions Of An Amateur Yogi:

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YOGA: a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

YOGA: under my own terms: adoption of bodily postures, trying to breathe, questioning my flexibility as I am pushed into new positions, and going I wonder how "silly I look".

I have always heard wonderful things about yoga, hell my #Pinterest is covered with inversions, yoga posses, and me fan girling women that make it look effortless / pretty. To me seeing a woman using just her bodyweight to bend, hold, & move in such ways is empowering. It's strength beyond just lifting weights.

It's funny though how you tell someone you do yoga, and then hear the assumptions people have of you.

Some of the most common ones I get are:

  • I must be vegan (I am not, however I am primarily a vegetarian lol)

  • That made sense with the tattoos

  • You have that hipster vibe

  • So you're into that woo-woo mindset stuff too then

Regardless it makes me chuckle. I don't go to those who lift weights saying, "Oh so you must be some arrogant ego centric person who is super vein". Either way assumptions or not yoga has been something I have found utter joy in lately. For those wondering too, I haven't always been a "yogi" as I am called.

In 2018 I picked up yoga while living in San Antonio. (Anyone who lives there needs to be apart of Half Moon Power Yoga best place ever). I like most people found a groupon for a few week, and decided why not. I knew it would make me commit to stretching, which at the time since I powerlifted was essential for me. Little did I know that groupon would commit me to a whole new fitness addiction. That groupon led to one week of free classes to 3 months of 3x a week various yoga classes. It also earned me a scholarship to become certified to teach at their studio. (Due to moving back to Katy though, I declined). The other thing was just like I noticed from doing Crossfit a few times, yoga is a community. A group of people who even though you don't know them are so friendly and inviting. Yoga became something I squeezed in around my schedule, simply put it made me feel good.

Flash forward to basically mid 2019, and not only has my heart for yoga grown fonder we've added a new style, aerial. This week I have tried it twice, and while I am FAR from graceful LOL, it is the neatest thing ever. Once again even though it is a different city, and studio completely, the one common denominator is that the community is there. These women are so inviting, and helpful. I am also sure I give them quite a laugh while trying to elegantly flow in this silk.

As a yogi here are my thoughts, tips, suggestions for those

that want to do it or who are nervous to do it:

  • Everyone is a beginner at some point

  • I swear it's not as "embarrassing" as you think

  • You'd be surprised how quickly you can build flexibility

  • Savasana + essential oils at the end of class make you ready for a nap

  • Don't embark on a 90 min hot yoga class if you've never done hot yoga (60 min is plenty)

  • Bring water, you actually will sweat

  • Aerial yoga can decompress the spine

  • The hammocks in aerial yoga make you feel like a kid swinging

  • Aerial yoga is an UPPER BODY workout bring those sexy arms


If we keep living in fear of not trying new things, due to thinking we aren't good at them we never will be good at them. Get messy, get flexy, & get your yogi on.


This hipster yogi.


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