Flexible dieting: How you CAN have it all.

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Healthy && not pretty but pretty yummy LOL

Well ello friends,

After a long hiatus of blogging, and sharing things that I feel like others might enjoy it is time to say I'M BACK. (Cue Eminem)

Oh flexible dieting, or IIFYM whichever you prefer to call it. Essentially good old food. What was once just look at as fuel, has now become something that I think stresses a good 85% of people + on a daily basis.

When I work with clients, I never use the word "diet". To me that is not setting someone up with the tools to live a #lifestyle. It teaches someone to learn restriction, fear foods, bad foods, whatever label you want to give it that has a negative connotation.

Let's share one of my FAVORITE foods PANCAKES?! Yes, I said it. If you don't like pancakes, (or waffles) I am not sure we can be friends. LOL. Kidding, but low key #breakfast is one of my favorites everyday. Now pancakes to most are something we can't have. Whether it's the carbs, fats, types, whatever it might be they have this negative view.  I don't see them as many "go to" options on "diets". 

These pancakes though are comprised of 6 ingredients! THAT'S IT.  Best part, they are virtually carb free. <--- yes I did type that correctly.  See my job as a fitness influencer is to show you how you can have the best of both worlds. Satisfy cravings, not feel restricted, and also be able to live your life.  It is not my job to make you feel like you have to skip meals, never go out to eat, never touch a food that most deem "bad". 

If you are a pancake lover like me then give these a whirl. Obviously you can add your own toppings, or extras too!

Recipe: 1 scoop whey protein powder- I used Gold Standard 100 grams egg whites 1/4 c water 1/4 TSP baking soda  1/4 TSP baking powder sprinkle or two cinnamon 

whisk together. make sure it is a little think too, add more water if you like yours less thick.  heat pan to med low.  pour. flip when bubbling. 

I topped mine with  3 oz banana  1/8 cup walden farms syrup. 

I hope that this series is something you enjoy. As always, ask your questions. Remember this journey does not have to be done alone. 

Macro calculations: tarynshaffer@gmail.com

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