Getting Smart With Fat Loss:

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As Spring break / Summer start to roll around the most common phrase you'll here (or possibly are saying too) is, "I need to lose weight / fat". While that is not a wrong goal to have by any means, your approach though could be causing you to not see the results you're looking for. Even worse, your approach could actually be doing more harm than good.

To achieve weight / fat loss essentially one needs to be in a caloric deficit. (Less calories consumed vs. calories burned). With at one point 31% of Americans being obese, it is a concern that many of us should be looking into. However, the idea of slashing calories has begun to build quite a fad. The approach of cutting more, and more is not the right solution. As you lose weight / body fat typically some muscle is going to be lost as well, the goal is to lose as little muscle as possible. You want more muscle on your body, as that allows your #metabolism to burn better.

If you're on the fast track though to the lowest calorie diet, or quickest detox to shed pounds vs. getting to know your body you are potentially putting yourself at risk.

When you opt to reduce your calories as low as possible you are telling your body, "Hey please work slower for me, because I am not going to feed you for quite a while". While you might not gain weight from being in that deficit your over all metabolic rate with slow, and in turn your results will take far longer.


Other negative effects of drastically low calories:

  • Reduced energy

  • Hard to maintain

  • Mood swings

  • Hormone changes

  • More likely to binge after

What is a good approach then to a caloric deficit? I tell most my clients that if they are implementing physical activity to their daily activity then start with anywhere from 250-500 calories x day. (Other factors are considered, and I'd be happy to help you set the right number for your goals). From there look for signs your body is giving you that let you know if you're in the right ball park, or need to make adjustments.

Signs to pay attention to:

  • Energy throughout the day

  • Scale isn't moving

  • Regular bowel movements

  • Sleep is suffering

  • Constant hunger

  • Thirsty all the time

  • Mood swings (irritable)

  • Tendency to binge on weekend or food is always on your mind

At the end of the day you are looking to create a #lifestyle. A lifestyle is something that caters to balance in ALL ASPECTS. When you drop your calories far below your means, you are not only physically putting your body into a more stressful situation your mental health can be at risk too. (Disordered eating, body dysmorphia).

Think of your body as a thermostat, you want to find the right "temperature" to where it is running at its correct temperature, while keeping insulin aligned. When the body is running as it needs too, the rest takes care of itself. Before you go slashing more calories, or opting for a fat loss phase the biggest thing I suggest is to know what you're consuming already. If you're too low, you are only asking for more headaches down the road.


If you need help on finding your body's temperature / a structured nutrition & workout plan for YOUR lifestyle reach out to me.

You've got this.

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