How I made 2018 my best year:

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The New Year ALWAYS has me taken by surprise, more so because I notice as I get older time just seems to be flying by. Four more days, and 2018 will close it's doors to open another chapter in my life. I can honestly say though, that this year has been by far the GREATEST / HARDEST year of my life.

Beauty in the unknown

2018 has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined possible.

2018 has also left me feeling confused more days than I can count in the beginning, yet in the last two months has allowed me level up my life in pursuits of what I know I am meant to be doing.

I have felt lost more often than not in the beginning of the year, because I kept running from what I truly wanted. This more so is because of fear, because of me lacking the ability to be patient. Another reason, at the beginning of the year mentally my mindset just was not what I wanted it to be. I kept forcing myself to pretend like I was happy with it all. It wasn't until I made some serious changes in about September / October that the happiness I have felt just poured all over my life.

"We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are". - Max Depress

In 2018 a small recap of things I have done:

  • Moved 6 times (4 of which were in the SAME CITY).

  • Got a #doodle, Apollo, which has filled my heart with love I never knew.

  • Turned down 2 promotions.

  • Did a powerlifting meet.

  • Tried olympic lifting (it's really awesome I am just super impatient) PS: If you're in SA Tenacious Strength Society is the best group of people I have ever met <3

  • Took 2 vacations (Disney twice, but hey it's DISNEY).

  • Found a love of podcasts (I have 5 top picks if you need some).

  • Met 3 great women at an IIFYM meet up who I admire <3

  • Hired a business coach to pursue my true purpose.

These are just surface level I made 2018 great by doing so much more.

Expectations vs. Reality

So how did I go about making 2018 my best year despite the confusion, heartache, struggle, and insert whatever else makes it sound like it wasn't stellar? Truthfully, I started putting myself FIRST. Yes, I know that isn't some major answer. However, it is the biggest piece of advice I can tell anyone hoping for 2019 to be a better year for them.

This year I found love for myself again. I stopped putting my feelings on the back burner, and basing my choices / actions on theirs. GUYS THIS IS THE KEY. I got in alignment with my morals / values. Honestly, I stopped giving AF. #sorrynotsorry

Okay, that's a little blunt. You get the idea right? Basically, I decided what I wanted and did a major "Life detox" as I'll call it.

Here are some key tools / things I did or do daily in my life now:

  • Created a morning routine: 3 affirmations daily, and a morning walk BEFORE I touch my phone for social media. (Set intention, why not start your day feeling BOMB AF).

  • Sticky notes with positive goals / thoughts for me to see every time I walk into my kitchen. (Leah knows all about this LOL.)

  • Committed to the "HELL YES or it's a NO" method.

  • Reading 20 min + DAILY: Don't say you don't have time, you make time for what you want to get done. Also just pre-ordered Girl Stop Apologizing <3

  • Podcasts: These bad boys are my go to for walks / car rides. Talk about up-lifting.

  • Journal nightly: Going to bed remembering the good / gratitude for my day.

  • Implementing an abundant life / mindset

  • Splurge on myself without guilt: Girl, go get your nails done.

  • Committing to my real goals not what my family wants me to do.

  • Walks: Apollo makes this happen LOL. Walks allow me to really think.

  • Ditched the people who don't serve me (STOP wasting your energy on those who don't reciprocate it).

As I go into 2019, I can whole heartily say this is the best I have felt. Not only do I feel like I have grown as a person, I can tell my overall energy / presence is greater. I am finally living my life / days with intent, purpose, and a vision. If you're unsure of where you're going / what you're searching for know that's OKAY. If you feel like you're hitting rock bottom, that's OKAY.

"Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough".

In the words of Ariana Grande, Thank you, Next, 2018 because 2019 we are just getting started. <3


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