How I manifested my horse, & simple tips to make manifesting easy.

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Manifestation the ability to turn an abstract idea into reality. The knowing that the desires had are actually happening in another dimension. In my own words bringing "fantasy" into the present. Now let me be clear, it is not this Willy Wonka moment of I WANT IT NOW. There are logistics to it, and I want to share how I manifested my recent horseback riding experience. I also want to share a few simple tips that have helped me make this easier.

Originally, my adventure this week was supposed to be in Chattanooga in this adorable little tiny home. I had booked the AirBnb last minute, and after downloading a law of attraction course on hopped in my car for the 3 hour venture. It was pouring, and honestly I wasn't feeling the whole trip. Once I got there this stay quickly took a turn of events and I ended up back in Nashville that same evening. I will say though the farm animals, and little walk I got was cute...therefore not a total "fail".

Okay so how did I manifest then the horseback ride I originally was going for? While driving to the AirBnb, the law of attraction course broke down how like attracts like. What you allow your thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc. to hold invites those same things to keep coming into your life. Sounds like common sense right? Yet, it was like a light bulb. You cannot just say I want THIS, and I don't want THAT. You have to really know your desire/why you want that desire. Once hearing that, I paused the lesson and quietly started creating the moment I wanted. It's not woo-woo, it was me being more intentional. I started first with the weather, I saw myself in the sun. It was warm, the air was fresh, the sun was shining. The horse waiting for me was brown, I saw the letter C as part of the name, and I was on a solo ride through the woods in a peaceful environment.

& when I arrived at the AirBnb I asked my higher self should I stay or go? My gut didn't feel right staying based on the image I had already experienced. & when something happened there I felt my higher self say turn around. Now I will be honest, at first I wasn't thrilled. BUT I kept calling in the experience I was wanting to have, I didn't have a timeline, I just simply saw myself full circle. Wouldn't you know the next day after someone gave me a resource for a stable near me, there was CALLOE. The beautiful brown horse I envisioned. The best part was this stable allowed me to do a private ride, and it was 10/10 as great as I had already saw my higher self doing the day before when I was thinking about it all.

Simple tips you can implement to start manifesting your desires:

  • REALLY use your senses. Go deep on how does it feel, look, smell, taste, hear? Obviously not all those senses truly apply to every desire BUT see yourself in the ones that are relevant. Embody the moment 100%. Don't just half a** it, and don't get sloppy. Give yourself the space to really be intentional.

  • Screw the TIMELINES. This is the hardest for me, and being that we are all creatures of instant results I think many can relate. When you're calling in your desires, it is not on you for the WHEN just the HOW. The universe gets to guide you, and also rushing the timeline is not something you want to mess with. Another thing with timelines is the universe does give you essentially what your thinking, so if you're rushing it you might get something you thought you wanted. You have to be patient, and trust that you are where you need to be.

  • Change your thought process. Instead of thinking of the things you don't want, create space for the things you do want. To add onto that tip express gratitude for what you do have. Situations are not your forever, but they hold seasons. & being able to express gratitude for what your current situation allows you to do or have really makes a difference.

While there is no right or wrong one size fits all approach to manifestation/law of attraction these little tips have completely changed my life. I hope by sharing my experience that it allows you to start small on creating the life you truly are meant to have.

If you want to hear/learn more I'd love to hear from you! Until then, here's to the next adventure soon enough once my higher self feels called. <3


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