How The Word "FREE" Could Be Affecting Your Results:

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"Without commitment you cannot have depth in anything"

When you go to search for something you need to download online, how often do you type said thing then insert the word "free" after? I'll stop right here for a second while some of you reading this become truthful with that answer. (For the record don't feel bad about owning up to it, because almost 90% of us probably have done it / do it).

Free: Without cost or payment. One of the top 20 most popular words used to impact decisions.

Seems pretty straightforward right? Raise your hand if you get on social media, and one of your favorite followers posts, "FREE workout swipe up to see", and you can't help but to look / bookmark that post for later. 10 swipes later, and you probably have a set of workouts for a solid week. With all the "FREE" content / tips out there, why is it that this word is something that could actually be hindering our results?

In a world of take, take, take, hearing the word FREE typically causes us to react without hesitation to whatever it is that is being offered in a positive manner. The reality of that though, is it doesn't even matter typically if we actually need / would use the thing being offered. The flip side to that then, is that when something is being offered that costs money (even if it's a few dollars) we stop ourselves to actually think.

If something is Free there is no buy in, there is nothing there forcing us to use it / stick to it. Let's take fitness for example, those workouts you saved that were "free" how many did you use? Did it really cause you to be motivated to go the gym more than before? Chances are nope it didn't do a damn thing. Why? Well you see, by not having to invest something of your own into obtaining that download you really don't see value in committing to it. It is no loss to you if you still don't make it to the gym at night, and because of that there is no remorse for the situation.

Now let's take fitness again as an example. Say your favorite follower posted that same workout but this time said, "Swipe to see this and more in my new e-book for $15.99". Once money is involved, your conscious mind starts to pump the brakes on the next move. Maybe you don't swipe up right away, maybe you say to yourself, "Ehh...I'm not sure about this". Reason being is now your money is involved, which consequently means your time in making sure you actually do these workouts is now involved too. See, if there's something I have noticed from working with people for 10 years now it's this: People don't like to waste their time, and they surely don't like to waste their money.

Does this mean that every scenario is this way? Absolutely not, in fact having free information from time to time is a wonderful thing. However, being creatures of habit and liking easy it is more comfortable / less thought provoking to pick a free download when we aren't sure of our own commitment levels.

From my own experiences, I have found that when I am having to make an investment into something I see the #value of it. In turn, when I see the value of it I automatically raise my commitment / motivation in utilizing said item. Therefore, if you're someone who seems to be lacking initiative on getting started with your goals perhaps it's time to reevaluate. Take a step back, and ask yourself when's the last time you've really committed yourself to something? When is the last time you stopped looking for "free" or "handouts" and put in the work by investing your time / money into something you know will only benefit you.


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