How This ONE Word Could be Ripping You Off:

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When we think about fitness, and getting into fitness there is one word that seems to pop out of a good chunk of people's mouths without hesitation. DETOX <-- Let's be honest at some point we have ALL probably researched this one, and debated if we could implement it into our #life.

Just an example of what "drop a dress size" promotes

From detox teas, juicing, whatever fad diet is going around, if you're just getting into your weight loss journey this word could be music to your ears. I mean who doesn't get excited when they read, "Fat burning, lose a dress size, Pound melting, energy giving," get the idea. Then before you know it you're 5 days deep on this detox, and praying that you have the results promised happen.

If detox juices, or teas yield results then why would it be ripping you off? Well let me first address that "detox" is simply saying to remove something or rather eliminate it. You are basically taking away "normal" foods and using specific supplements or foods to rid the "toxins" in your body for (insert days here). You'll see a lot of these popular detoxes are rich in vegetables / fruits and often eliminate all other sources of food groups for 3-5 days on average. By doing all this the goal is often to promote a healthier feel in your body, at least that's what is promised.

The thing that irks me (well makes me chuckle) is that the body's job is to eliminate toxins on its own. Thanks to our kidneys, colon, and liver, we are able to clear out the junk our body doesn't need. By trying to detox more we are actually putting our body in more stress / could be doing more damage. Here's the other thing that can come about doing these 3-5 day trends that most don't tell you upfront:

  • You tend to be hungrier.

  • Lower energy can happen.

  • Low blood sugar.

  • Fatigue or nausea.

No offense NONE of those sound like something I would want to encounter. My role as a coach / personal trainer is to educate my client especially when new to the fitness world. If you're someone who feels like this all sounds appealing, then here's a better approach for you to try. I would also like to point out that when someone tells me they want to try one of these things, I often ask why. In all retrospect if your out of whack with your sleep, lifestyle choices, environment, hormonal balance, stress, water OF COURSE you're not going to feel like your body is operating optimally. Therefore, why not just try incorporating a healthy lifestyle?! (NEWS FLASH: By swapping junk for whole nutrient based foods.. you are "detoxing" your body). The safer approach would be to implement more whole foods / vegetables into your life while taking on a balanced fitness regimen.

What I am getting at here, is before you go swipe your credit card for the most eye catching google search you find make sure the other aspects in your life are in check. Quit looking for the quick fix, because I guarantee you that once your little detox is over not only will you have shoveled out your time / money, there's a high likely hood you will be back at square one. Once that happens, then what are you going to do? Rather than potentially set yourself back more, get educated on what a proper diet / lifestyle looks like. Choose daily to make small changes, and think BIG PICTURE.


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