How To Move On: My Advice To Those Leaving A Pet.

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"Until one has loved an animal, a

part of one's soul remains unawakened"- Anatole France

They say a dog is a "man's" best friend, and up until having one of my own I never fully understood how true that saying could be. Growing up I never had a pet. (Okay well one time I had these fish, but one ate the other...). Basically I didn't grow up like most kids with a dog or cat. Call me a one man wolf pack, but it wasn't allowed for me or my siblings.

I knew though I always wanted one. You know to be that dog mom. The one with a million pictures, always at the dog park, basically spoiling him like my own child. Back in 2018 I got Apollo, the dood, at a time when I probably needed him more than he needed me. I'll be honest too, I was a HOT MESS with him. Think like new born with a first time mom, I had no idea what was right or wrong. If something happened to him I freaked. However, we made it in San Antonio and we made it to our drive back to Katy.

If you've seen Apollo, on my stories you know this sweet boy has quite the personality. Perhaps it was just a doodle thing, but this guy to me was part human. (You know this if you ever saw the videos where he randomly hopped in the shower). & just like that he went from an 8 week old puppy to a 65 ib. mini horse as I call him. With him still growing though, and my next apartment move being sub 600 square feet I knew that wasn't fair to him. Even though the mini horse went to daycare daily like a child, having him cramped in such a tiny place I couldn't do. Especially when I knew he could be spoiled with a yard / someone to stay home with him all the time.

You have to realize too that you are bringing another person happiness. You are giving another person the ability to love your dog the same if not more which is never a bad thing.

Another tip is that you cannot hold guilt at giving your pet the best life they deserve. To me I would have been selfish to make him "adjust" to smaller spaces as he grows bigger. You are NOT, I repeat NOT a terrible person nor should you worry about what others will think for your decision.

An article I read too suggested writing a letter to your pet. Remembering all the good, all the fun, all the great memories. While my situation might not be the same as yours, especially since I still get to see him I hope that this helps you. I hope you let go of the sadness, and remind yourself of all the wonderful times you had.

To The Dood:

I searched and asked many people about their doodles before finding you. There was something about your goofy face, and colored paws that made me say YEP. I almost didn't get you because being single, I was terrified on how to raise you alone. On the way back from Dallas, you literally just slept while your brother threw up in my car. From eating 12 of my socks, my underwear, to peeing in the hallway because at 2 am you had no care on getting down stairs (neither did I) you made my heart melt. As you grew your personality shined more, and oh boy are you goofy! Once you learned you could jump into bed, the right side was your new sleeping spot. (Probably best I am single or that would have been awkward to explain to a guy). You cuddled, sat like a human, & sharing fruit in the morning always made my day. As you grew though, the doubt I had on our space made my heart hurt. I did everything I could to make sure you never felt cramped. We did daycare daily, walks, adventures, but with the next move our home would be smaller. You my friend are still growing, even if you were a dead horse after daycare you hitting 70 ibs in a smaller apartment didn't sit right. Trust me when I say letting you stay somewhere else hurts me more than it hurts you. I have seen your spa days, new yetti bowls, and our park days will still continue together just a little spaced out. I hope you know that even though you won't be sleeping with me every night, no doodle will ever truly replace you. You have shown me just how strong / capable I am, and you were just what I needed at a lower point in my life. I cannot wait to see you again in a week, and still only take my side of the bed as if you're here.


If it helps you write your letter below, I would love to read. <3

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