How To Not Fear Losing Progress While On Vacation:

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When it comes to vacation planning, it is safe to say the stress level for an individual increase x100. Basic things such as booking a flight (correctly) & then making sure you have a car / place to stay also don't help with those levels. With traveling though, there seems to be one other BIG additional stress...WEIGHT GAIN.

Traveling can cause the fear of gaining weight for a lot of people more so due to the fact that you are not in your normal environment. Just from coaching my clients, I always here a common line: Oh I'll probably gain 5-10 easily while i'm out of town. Your "diet", and even your fitness routine are thrown for a loop, which if you don't have a good mindset / balance with your lifestyle it makes sense on how these thoughts come into mind. I used to have the same fears, and honestly it was probably a HUGE reason I hadn't gone anywhere. I like control, and at the peak of my eating disorder the idea of not knowing what i'd eat or when i'd workout was overwhelming.

The reality though is that we all need vacations. We all need time to just enjoy a different routine / change of pace. Also, trust me when I say the memories you are making are far more important than that 1-2 days you might miss at the gym. If you really think about it, even if you were off slightly for a week it is less than 2% of the WHOLE YEAR. That alone should kind of tell you that you'll be fine I promise.

However, I get it because I was once there. For this trip to #Colorado I want to share my tips / suggestions on how I have not only NOT TRACKED really while here, but kept my peace with being out of my routine. I have taken two rest days while here, and also had things I normally don't eat #life and honestly it has been refreshing.

Ways to minimize weight gain / worry less:

  • Let your body rest (flying does more to you than you think)

  • Get walking in (park further back, explore the area) MOVE

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Pick up easy snacks that also can keep you full

  • Protein powder is a life saver for being stuck at the airport

  • Utilize the extra sleep

  • You might actually lose weight, vacations should decrease stress / cortisol levels

  • Plan a trip during a deload week


My favorite easy snacks include:

  • Rice cakes

  • Egg whites

  • Greek yogurt

  • Nutrigrain bars

  • Oatmeal

  • Protein bars (RX are my fav)

  • Single servings of almond butter packets

At the end of the day, by stressing more about losing your results you're only taking away from your vacation. You're only taking away from the relaxation you probably sought in the first place. Instead of worrying about how to not gain weight while being gone focus on listening to your body for hunger cues, getting adequate protein in, keeping that water up, and just LIVE in the moment. The gym, your routine, your macros will all be here when you get back.


If you're struggling with a balanced lifestyle without restrictions reach out to me.

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