#7 tips & how mindset plays into happiness:

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<3 Choose happy always

"She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist".

Oh what a #beautiful thing to feel shear and utter happiness. If I am being real, I would like to assume that any person would want happiness in their life. However, when your mindset does not match your desires you're basically asking for a big old traffic jam from the universe. 

Now let me also point out that while my mindset has done a complete turn around, obviously life throws curve balls / challenges so I am by no means saying I don't have "off days". What I am about to explain though, is how I have manifested positive energy. How I have gone from such a negative mindset to even with those curve balls being thrown I am able to see good in those experiences. 

Tips that worked for me:

1) Getting in alignment with myself / values / morals.  2) Writing down in detail (that's important) what I want in my life. How does it make me feel, what am I doing, what does it look like.  3) Creating a vision board on Pinterest. I have two sections: 1 for quotes and 1 for the things written that I want in my life. (Apartment decor, location I want to live, vacations, ETC.) 4) Letting go of being #perfect. I used to feel so guilty in my pursuit of figuring out job wise, living arrangements, people pleasing that my life was not yielding the energy I secretly wanted. Learning to accept what didn't work, and that the plan I had well there's a higher power with an even better one waiting for me.  5) Cutting ties with people or situations that didn't allow me to keep the frequency I wanted in my life. Energy flows where energy goes. If you're more exhausted by people or circumstances in you life... you should really work on that one.  6) Read: Self help or mindset books have become my new bizznatchhhh.  7) JOURNALING. This has to be my new fav. bed time hack. I journal 3 things I am grateful for that day, and 1 thing I am proud of. I go to bed reliving the positive aspects in my life rather than harping on the smaller negative ones. When you go to bed on a good vibe, you're already getting in alignment for tomorrow to be elevated with a good vibe as well. 

Lit with the Lord.

Here's the other thing too, you cannot rush what your seeking to create / ask for. The universe is totes there to support you, but you must have patience. (Something I struggle with). You have to #trust that if you're keeping true to your alignments / visions, the universe will have your back. Small actions for a bigger snowball effect later. You also have to be intentional. You have to make changes, even if small ones daily. You cannot just say an #affirmation, or want yet keep repeating the same actions you have been doing. 

Lastly, embrace some discomfort. Embrace some change. Learn to lead with your gut, even if it's a "risk" that has you wanting to stay with what's familiar. There are plenty more tools, but these have allowed me to shift my mindset completely these last few months. Hopefully they inspire some of you lovelies to start living the life you're truly capable of having. 

attitude is everything

Be patient, embrace it all, && set the mindset your life needs.


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