Off Road Style.

Almost 30 days of being 30, and in about 30 days I will also have now been in Nashville for two years...something I didn't think would fly by as quickly as it has.

If I am being honest this whole pandemic has been quite a whirlwind of of emotions. For almost anyone I am sure that is a universal agreement. & the last few months have really had me going, "What am I even doing?"

In 2020 despite the lock downs, I traveled more than I'd ever lit something inside of me I didn't know was missing. Flash forward to 2021 & it seems as though I am on a plane somewhere every month, or even every other week.

I've found I crave nature, I crave scenery, I crave this space of being alone to hear my guides leading me on a path of new beginnings. & the more I am gone, the less I want to be back. That's not to say I hate Nashville, hate my life, or anything in between. I just feel empty and that my soul is wanting to explore/get a deeper connection.

Between March-now I have been to the West almost 6x. Arizona has made me cry on every level, and I have never felt such a calmness in sheer silence/beauty of all that's around me. & after spending about $1200 each time I decide to wander for a 2-3 day excursion, I am realizing I should look at some alternatives. I am also realizing that some of this venture has been more of an escape. Truth is though, whatever you're trying to escape from will still be here when you get back.

Which leads me to this mindset I am in right road living/adventure. For the last week I have spent all my free time looking at SUV/Van life and Skoolie conversions. My stepdad and I have talked hours on logistics, pros/cons, places to start or do I sound crazy for even thinking about this. I joined FB groups with women who are AMAZING, and feel like as illogical as it all sounds my heart is yearning for something outside of my comfort 100%.

After some research, IG stalking, DM's, and YouTube watching, I think I am going to start small to test the water. Let's be honest as the Girl Scout who didn't camp...that's probably best. My apartment isn't up until December, and while a van build out looks AMAZING I do not want to chunk $10k+ to not know if I will like this. My plan is to take my TRD RAV4 & "convert" it my style. I'll build a little bed, create a little storage space, have necessary chargers, add some lights, and see what it's like living in it. Since I will still have my apartment I can try a few days at a time, and then logistically get a feel. I am also going to try a small solo trip to Savannah, GA just to commit and take action.

60% of me is beyond excited while 40% even thinks I am bat sh*t crazy. At work my wheels are turning with convos on where I would go, what I would do, and what I think would happen next. TBH the "best" part is I have no answer. The biggest changes will be showering, cooking, and obviously going to the bathroom. But when I think about even if this turned into just weekend warrior moments being able to wake up to sunrises, sunsets, stillness...those "cons" don't matter. If Savannah goes smoothly, then I'll hit up Asheville next week once some Amazon orders come in.

I'm hoping to share this venture, journey, whatever this becomes as a way to challenge you to evaluate what all you want in this world. What all are you capable of? What all are you settling for? As of now for me throwing money in rent for 4 walls that I just sleep in...well I'd rather see what all the world has to offer when I stop choosing the "norm".

If you want to follow me on my journey I'll keep the IG updated- @taryn_annette and I also plan to blog more as this is truly a passion of mine.

Just remember not all who wander are lost, and you are in the driver's seat.


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