Quick guide reverse diet / meals I eat:

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Swear it tastes good and is #healthy LOL

After battling #anorexia for so long, it is not a shock when I get asked what all I eat in a day. When you go from eating nothing weighing 80 ibs to now eating 300 carbs a day weighing 124 people ask more than anything, "HOW?!"

One: My food pics are terrible LOL. However I am not on Master Chef, so sorry Gordon that this looks like crap. 

Two: This is just what works / is working for me. This will NOT work for everyone, but more of a reference on how I use flexible dieting daily and have the best relationship I've known with food as of now. 

Let me first dish out my macros since it'll be asked: 285 c 130 p 55 f weighing in low now at 124. 

With the fact that my weight has dropped recently while eating the same amount / more some days I have decided that I am going to increase my calories weekly. My body is needing it, and now that my sleep / stress is aligned I'm focusing on this next. 

80 ibs to now 124. Food is good for you.

I plan to add 10-15 g carbs one week then fats the next. I don't do well on "high fat" diets and feel great with carbs. My protein I will not adjust right now as that is about 1 g x bw which is plenty!

A typical day for me:

Meal one: (Pre workout meal) 3 rice cakes  2 tbsp powdered PB  100g pears 

Meal two (Post workout) 40 g oats  1 tbsp cacao powder  2 egg whites 

Meal three:  Egg white omelette  4 egg whites  1 c spinach  peppers  6 oz sweet potatoes + 2 tbsp almond butter (TRY THIS LOL). 

Snack: 1 serving almonds  40 g oats 

Meal four: Mud cake? (the thing pictured lol) 1 scoop whey protein  1 egg white little water baking soda + baking powder 1 tbsp cacao powder 4 oz banana 

Before bed: 1 serving enlightened cookie dough brownie ice cream 1 scoop chocolate greens + 1 c almond milk 

When I am working throughout the day I swap my egg white omelette with  tuna + veggies  or ground turkey + veggies

#breakfast is my fav EVER

I honestly don't like meat that much, and tend to not have it in my diet. The thing with flexible dieting, is that I no longer feel restricted. If I want to grab Chick Fil A with a friend or go out I CAN. I would also like to say that carbs before bed are not the devil LOL. Personally I fall asleep better with them, if it doesn't work for you that's FINE. (A good before bed option is a whey shake). 

I love that I feel energetic throughout the day, and that my body is healthy.  I will most likely reverse up to 130 because I'm 5'6 therefore it's a thought that has crossed my mind. 

Honestly I just want to get to the 400 carb club ... #goals 

I hope this gives you a better insight as to how you can incorporate meals or ideas. (I am also really picky, therefore if you need ideas let me know!)

For customized macro nutrition go apply under work with me, and we can get you rocking & rolling. 



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