Screw The Diet, Find Balance On Your Health & Fitness Journey:

We've ALL heard people say a few common phrases (typically post holidays, or around New Year)

  • "I'm going to start (insert whatever fad diet) tomorrow".

  • "I just want to lose 5 ibs".

  • "I'm trying Keto, I hear if I cut carbs..."

Whatever sentence is used, at some point or another you (just like myself) have probably found yourself in a similar situation. You're not happy with your overall physique, you want to lose weight, carbs are the devil (actually they are really heaven but to each their own). & it's at that final straw which could be as simple as you woke up cranky, that you say EFF this. Then boom your motivation to start whichever sentence you resonated with most from above is kick started.

However, let me ask you this. Rather, raise your hand if you find that motivation after a few days, maybe a week, possibly a month is just GONE. For whatever the reason those goals or bold statements are no longer attainable it seems. Before you know it, you're on this continual loop of weight loss, weight gain, eating out with friends, never touching a cookie again, confidence, insecurities, feeling fit AF, and then never wanting to step foot into the gym.

If you know me then you know that not only did I struggle with a healthy balance of going to the gym, but you also know that I struggled with healthy grasp of "dieting". The beauty though is that those who know my past, have seen how drastically my mindset / relationship with food has changed. If there's anything I hope to teach people from my past, it is that DIETS DON'T WORK. Honestly, I loathe that word and don't use it with my clients. Years ago like most I have worked with, my perception of "good" food was warped. Heck years ago these cookies below would not be in my house, let alone consumed. I want to share a few things that have helped me find balance.

Fat & Weird Cookies (You need these)

How to find balance with nutrition:

  • INNER WORK (Most of our poor relationships are something psychological) This could be as simple as a childhood trauma, a comment someone made, you have to find the root cause of your feelings.

  • Don't diet. Diets tend to tell you foods are off limits, therefore already worsening your relationship with food.

  • Don't cut foods out cold turkey (food allergies are different) but don't just swear off dessert again because "it's bad for you".

  • Realize everyday is NOT perfect.

  • Create a list of foods you like, foods that make you feel good, foods that make you feel icky.

  • Get to KNOW your body (hormones, food sensitivities, etc).

  • If you're going out focus on protein earlier in the day, a little bit of carbs, but DON'T opt to just not eat all day prior.

  • Look up the menu at a restaurant.

  • Carry on the next day as if it was just a regular day. You have to STOP punishing yourself the next day because you had too much wine with Becky the night before.

Moral is, finding balance takes EFFORT. It takes PATIENCE. It took me years of struggle (that I hope none of you go through) to realize that ONE day of enjoying life with others will not break me. The best analogy I can give is that out of 365 days in a year, even if you fell a little off path 7-10 of those days that's NOT EVEN 3%.. see what I am getting at here? (:

So screw the diet, screw the guilt, screw the perfection. Go create your memories, drink your wine with Debbie, order your Fat and Weird cookies, and be freaking HAPPY.

P.S: If you're really struggling with this, ask me more in a DM (taryn_annette) on how my clients are able to do this thing called life with confidence.

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