How to get rid of SI Joint Pain:

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Mobility, something that I honestly neglected for far too long. It's not that I didn't know what to do, it was more so that I just didn't want to do it. Various reasons included: 

- Took too long

- Lack of time at gym 

- It hurt (I'll be honest some days are not pleasant) 

- I was bored

However, as I did more powerlifting and my body became more beat up it hit me. It was something vital to include if I wanted to keep injury prevention. A few of my most problematic areas are:

-Hip flexors

- Trap / delt impingements 

- SI joint which is where I want to start today. 

#lacrosseball under for 30-60 sec x side

SI joint pain: what most people associate with low back pain. Sometimes on one side, Can be a dull nagging pain. Could be worse when sitting for long periods of time. For myself, I cannot ride in the car long hours without feeling like I need to pop my back. My right hip starts to ache, and there's this dull feeling in my lower back on that side that makes me irk. Typically when this happens, I have to move around. Walking, leg swings, stretching out my hip. 

This mobility exercise pictured above though works wonders on getting the area loose as I work on the hips too.  

To perform the exercise: 

*Place a lacrosse ball under the part of your lower back that has tension. (May use tennis ball). Think of pulling shoulders downNeutral spineHold one knee into chest & breathe15-30 secondsYou can also do leg marches

*A #stretch shouldn't "hurt" essentially. It should feel kind of relieving. It might be uncomfortable, but if you're holding a position and your pain gets WORSE decrease the time, frequency, or position of ball. 

*Get movement in. We as humans sit far too much, and our bodies are not meant for that. 

*Disclaimer I am NOT a PT or DR. these are just things that have worked with myself / clients.

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