The Nomadic Chronicles (EP 1)

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Nomadic: Living by traveling from place to place

&& with that here we are, The Nomadic Chronicles Episode 1

Along with a peace out to Texas. Which is about to be the craziest, nerve-wrecking, wtf am I doing, excited emotional roller coaster I have ever been on. My purpose is to each week update this nomadic adventure, while really finding myself / pursuing all I know I am capable of.

What feels like being lost:

She doesn't know where she is going

She doesn't know what will come next

She doesn't know what she is looking for

She is wandering

She is searching

She is finding everything she has hidden over the years.

- Taryn

For episode 1, here's where life is at. I am no longer at my job in the gym, and am online coaching only. In a period of a week, I have purged most things I thought I needed. Things that simply took up space to make an apartment pretty, yet really held no personal value. (Funny how that happens when you are trying to only have what you need because your little Cherokee only has so much room). && come Wednesday I start the adventure to Colorado. Let's also remember I am the girl who has only gone to Florida...TWICE... in the period of 6 months which happened in 2018. Can we say BIG CHANGES.

As I went for a walk today though, a sheer euphoric state hit me vs. the anxiety that had been present the last few days. Most people don't know either (surprise), and this is because honestly I didn't feel like explaining myself to others. After years of doing what others liked, I decided it wasn't something to broadcast because at the end of the day this is for me.

This led me to being at peace with myself, partially because if you know me then this doesn't sound like me at ALL. That's where the beauty lies, here I am almost 28 years old, and making life what I want it to be. I'm not playing small anymore.

For once I am choosing to find me. Find who I really am as a person. If there's one thing I am 100% sure on, it's that my true passion / happiness lies in helping others. Helping others feel good about themselves, reach their goals, see transformations. Outside of that though, I don't know myself like I want to. Which means I can't fully say I know exactly what I am searching for either. What I do know is that somewhere inside there's a part of me that has been hidden. There's a part of me that has wanted more, but didn't think I could or know how to go about bringing it into my life.

What that means though is that there is a part of me still scared sh*tless!

  • Where am I going?

  • Google maps please don't fail me now!

  • What am I going to do?

  • Wait, I don't have my friends!

  • Is there a gym I like near by?

  • You use what grocery store? (That last one is a really big question too!)

Yet, as all these questions crossed my mind a rush of pure joy has hit my heart. If you sound like me, then my biggest words of encouragement are to go live. Life is too short to have doubts, or wonders. With that welcome to The Nomadic Chronicles, and an adventure of a lifetime.


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