The Nomadic Chronicles (EP 2) The Reality Of Packing Up Your Life:

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

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April 2, as you can see from this being episode 2 of my series my nomadic tale is no April Fools joke. (Which probably is a shocker, after all this is me we are talking about).

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, my first venture, destination: Colorado Springs. Where While I am still feeling nervous it is hitting me that in about 24 hours I will no longer be in Texas. (I am also stoked to see Leah, and meet her doodle). As the countdown begins though, I should update you on this whole packing thing. Last year I moved 5 times, you would think I am a champ at this. However, this time is completely different. Here are a few things no one mentioned as I decided to embark on this #adventure.

Sh*t no one tells you about uprooting your life all of a sudden:

  • Deciding what is "necessary" to keep quickly becomes obvious.

  • You will start to think of your car as a Tetris game.

  • Don't sell your bed too quickly, because the floor SUCKS.

  • It's kind of cleansing for the soul having to just purge a good chunk of stuff.

  • At some point you just want to toss EVERYTHING.

  • If you choose to tell people, be careful. Half > will probably find you crazy.

  • There are a lot of, "When did I get that" moments.

  • If you're driving, map out ahead of time bathrooms or if it is a stretch before you see civilization again.

  • You start to doubt WTF you're even doing.

  • You'll have 3 small mini panic attacks (or more).

  • The night before will feel like Christmas, because you're giddy with excitement on what will happen.

PS: Want a workout ^^ take down your shower curtain, that one is a hassle all by itself.

Most importantly though, you start to find a confidence in yourself you didn't know you had. That my friends is the #beauty in all this. I am a firm believer in what you think the universe matches. Might as well tell yourself you're going to own this experience, and opportunities for being brave are coming your way.

Be on the look out for updates as I get there. Hopefully this leaves you feeling empowered to step out of your comfort zone. If not, then hopefully it leaves you with some comic relief as I wing it.


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