The Nomadic Chronicles (EP 3) What Has happened in Colorado:

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&& then there were MOUNTAINS.

She was like snow on top of a mountain. So peaceful, such beauty in the view. Yet without warning can be a disaster for anything in it's way. -Taryn

Just like that I made it to Colorado, part of me is still in shock that I am here. Part of me is feeling like I am at home. Then again, what defines a home? What is it about a place, that can be so relaxing even if you have no idea where anything is?

I'll first say the flight was the easiest part, getting off the plane well... let's just say if you fly here the Denver airport is a maze of a journey. Thank goodness I wasn't going to baggage claim LOL. I did though manage to make my way to the pick up area where Leah awaited for my new #adventure.

Side note, funny story with Leah we actually hadn't met each other until I got in her car when she picked me up. We've just been IG besties who video chat! Crazy how you can "meet" someone, and BOOM y'all are so alike that visiting is no question at all. (Also side note, be careful if you ever do this, people are low key crazy haha).

As we made the drive back to Colorado Springs, LOTS of thoughts started going through my head.

  • Whoa are those real mountains

  • There's still traffic like Texas

  • Is there a grocery store I know near by

  • What are the people like here

  • ELEVATION 6000+ hope I don't feel like crap (I didn't FYI)

  • Whoa those ARE real mountains

  • && SNOW that is still SNOW

  • We are definitely taking good pictures

  • No wonder people like it here

It's been almost two nights here, and honestly I LOVE it. Sure it is different than #Texas for multiple reasons, however it truly is a beautiful place. There are certain things that are similar to Texas (Target, Walmart, Homeless people LOL, SPROUTS, Malls, you know the important junk). It has also been a blast getting to see behind the scenes how Leah runs her business ( Being around someone doing all the things I want to do is such an empowering feeling / motivator. I have also only managed to get turned around 232891892 times. (I am sure most people could have guessed that would happen). Isn't that part of the adventure though? No expectations, no rules, no direction fully.

&& I got to play with Thor, because who doesn't need more doodles in their life?! Which makes me miss my dood. Only one more week & I see him again!

This trip has allowed me to do a lot of soul searching if you will. A lot of reflection, and really it has been freeing. Even though traveling alone can be scary, odd, or awkward (if you get lost) it is something everyone should experience. Coming out here, branching out of my comfort zone, exploring new adventures, it has all put into perspective how short life is. It has also shown me how capable we truly are as humans if we stop letting our beliefs / fear get in the way.

With that off to explore more while I am here. I'll update more Sunday once I am back in the good old heart of Texas.


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