The Nomadic Chronicles (Ep 4) The Next Adventure:

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It's been about a week back in Texas since Colorado, and come Sunday I embark on my next grand #adventure. Before I would tell you I was nervous, now I am more excited than anything to be going out of Texas again. Those that know me too, would also say this is definitely a different person than I was a year ago. A year ago I wouldn't have done anything "not planned" like this...or even alone.

Here's to the only Ten I See LOL

With music, and history all at once how can I not be called to go there. It would also low key be awesome to run into a country singer. (A girl can dream right!?) Plus, they say y'all which means I should fit right in! A friend of mine will be off one day while there, so exploring will for sure be happening. There will also be a lot of getting lost I assume, since well... this is me we're talking about!

As I plan this adventure, which starts with a 5 am flight there it's safe to say I have no idea what I am getting into. Yet, at the same time that is the really exciting part. I've always lived life on a plan. Heck I always lived life with a plan for my plan. (Thanks to my OCD Gemini nature). To not be doing that as of this last month, is quite empowering I must say. April has been my "wing it" month, and the confidence in myself has never been higher.

"Peace begins where expectations end".

For once this is how I am choosing to do things, no expectations just leading with my gut. Some days I am scared sh*tless, other days I am rocking the HELL YES girl you got this mantra. To me this is how we should all be living life. Not out of fear, or what we think we must be doing. Living life out of what makes us truly happy. What allows us to feel alive, and what allows us to push past our own limiting beliefs. Once you start trusting yourself, the opportunities are ENDLESS.

Being back this week though has been quite interesting to say the least, thank goodness for my bestie (Colin you the real MVP). I feel like a homeless nomad as I am in between traveling / not having an apartment. I also finally slept in a REAL bed again after 1.5 weeks of the floor or couch.

Here a few things to keep in mind when traveling a

lot or well figuring out where you're going.

  • Sleeping arrangement (granted Air B&B is always a choice).

  • Packing since you aren't staying somewhere long you have to pack lightly.

  • Which also means washing clothes becomes an odd thing to think about vs. before.

  • Food, don't over buy but also don't starve lol.

  • Gyms because lifting is my life, and for many I know it's yours too!

Speaking of sleep everyone needs a weighted blanket in their life. Talk about AMAZING. Even without a real bed I have slept more peacefully than ever lately, perhaps it's because I am just living life. (That sounds good to me). What I do know is that, I am proud of myself for doing this. I am proud of the person I am finding throughout all this "adventure". To be honest, you can always go back to where you are currently. Therefore if you're wanting to do more, see more, try more, DO IT. What is the worst thing that happens, you don't like it? Cool, you go back and try something else.

As of now this is the next adventure for this coming week, from there we shall see. The next one though Apollo is coming with, because I miss my dood. I also think he'd enjoy exploring too! Time to pack up the suitcase, and get my boots ready because we're about to get to stepping. Be on the look out for what happens next, and the update once there. As for now, go be bold & daring. Life is too short not to.


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