The Nomadic Chronicles (Ep 5): Living Out Of A Suitcase For Almost 2 Months.

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"If you took everything I owned away, I would still have a smile".

About 1.5 months ago I started an adventure that really had no true destination or end point. (Which I won't lie is not my norm). There were ideas of places to go, places to move, and just a feeling of wanting more. Trading an apartment, furniture, comfort, my own relaxation space for what I'd call an adventure now just seemed like something I needed. However, as I get close to hitting 2 months on this "adventure" I cannot be more thankful for doing it.

What is it like though to live essentially from just a small carry on suitcase, and just a backpack. It's been eye opening, as I used to think everything I had in my apartment was needed. I'm not sure what backpacking is like, although I would imagine a bit more extreme than what I am doing. Truth be told, I am too much of a chicken to backpack, and do the whole hostile stay environment.

It's also funny when I think how #superficial I actually was when it came to necessary things. Pictures everywhere, 20 towels for back ups in the bathroom, lamps, throw pillows, all the fluff that makes a home feel cozy. Materialistic things that don't actually define our happiness.

As I made the decision to sell my stuff, and literally go through a purge like no other it became easier than I thought. I started with the 3 month rule: If I hadn't worn it in over 3 months (minus winter coats) then it needed to go. Which made my full walk in closet drop to 1 moving box. Then the furniture struggle was nothing, probably because let's be honest I wasn't sure where I'd be living. Plus if you know me, you know I love a fresh canvas. I almost always redo my whole living space each time. I will say though my stash of candles from Bath and Body Works, did make the cut (well got put at a friend's house for safe keeping).

Here are some things I have taken away

from living out of a suitcase for over a month:

  • If you don't know #MarieKondo... you need to in order to fit your clothes.

  • 1 pair of jeans. 1 pair of shorts. 3 tops. Wear. Wash. Repeat.

  • The clothes you do pick, will probably be the same ones you secretly always wear.

  • Having a real bed, does make a difference.

  • A plan or list before hand would do some benefit.

  • You will do laundry more than you ever have.

  • Leave a space for new'll buy something.

  • Travel size items are a pal, even if they get used quicker.

  • Layers layers layers!

Since I am not moving into my own space again until end of Summer given where I am going / places I'd like to go over the next month this new style of living will be a continued thing. The irony though, is that when I had my apartment I wanted more space. Now as I start looking at where to live come August, studios intrigue me. The minimalistic style, and realizing I don't need "stuff" to make my life enjoyable. All you truly need is a good roof over your head. I start thinking about when I had more space, how I always felt like I needed more things. It needed to be filled, it needed to look full. It makes me value life so much more, and it's almost like a detoxing feeling.

If you've lived out of a suitcase, I'd love to hear your adventure.


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