The Truth About Peloton: Honest Week Review .

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When deciding to buy a Peloton, I went back and forth quite a bit. Not only is it a hefty investment, but anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a cardio person. Even though I am certified to teach spin, I'd never done it consistently. For that I played it safe and tried a ride or two at my boss's house. Try before you buy right? Two rides later, my order was placed...

Since Covid isn't as on the rise anymore I didn't have to wait 6 weeks + and 3 days later there it was in all its glory. Part of the reason I pulled the trigger too is that they have a 30 day trial- I figured I'd give it the 30 days to see how I liked it, did I use it, & space wise would it fit long term regardless of where I move. Now to be open this beauty was about $2100 (You can pay all at once, or finance through Affirm). That was including the bike, set up, shoes, mat, weights, and earbuds. Keep in mind as well the app membership is an extra $40 x month. I also opted for the version that doesn't swivel screen wise. Since you can stream to the TV it wasn't necessary for me to pay the extra $600. That is just personal preference.

The verdict thus far...truthfully I wanted to hate her LOL. The old me would have said Peloton is dumb, not a workout, not worth it, insert whatever negative thing here. However, that is NOT what happened. I have in one week done 4 rides (Cody is my FAV). & then also the yoga, meditation, and stretching that I can stream to my TV has been a nightly game changer. The rides have been HARD, yet fun. The instructors, music, & variety on what type of ride you're seeking keep it exciting. I also just tried the Spice Girls bootcamp from Cody, and WOOF.

In terms of space, and all the little things to consider it is actually more efficient than I thought it would be. I will say the hardest thing for me thus far has been clipping in. That on its own has been quite the comedy. Lots of trial/error + YouTube demos. Another thing I will point out is you will be SORE. Highly recommend taking advantage of the stretching workouts because bless the hip flexors/quads. Outside of that though, it's quiet for an apartment set up & easily fits. PS on other blog posts you can see people's homes with their configurations on set up.

Will I keep her? As of now YES. The reason I wanted to snag the bike was to keep some cardio health, but also for days that going to the gym doesn't feel good.

To justify me investing in this my logic was as follows:

  • 1-2 rides x week (Legit one + recovery)

  • Stretching 3x week

  • Yoga/meditation 2x week (They have 5-45 minute options!)

If I was confident that I could hold steady on that then the bike + membership pays for itself. For insight, I would pay $120+ x month for yoga studios and then also have to play the schedule game on getting somewhere. This saves time, money, and driving. Also Tennessee weather changes depending on it's mood lol, so when it isn't ideal to leave I now have a little getaway. One other thing I will add too is that as someone who lived/breathed fitness being VERY black and white on what was a "workout" this has felt really freeing. Before if it wasn't lifting it didn't count...BUT I have had more success being less rigid in the one way thinking, and exploring what feels good to ME.

Basically if you are considering it, I would say do the trial! Dabble in the variety of classes, see what you like! Let me know if you have one and your fav classes!

PS I made a # for my journey. #Taryntheridetoday come give it a follow, and let's rideeee.


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