Training Variations:

A few weeks ago, I asked my good trainer friend her thoughts on combining essentially crossfit with bodybuilding. By that I mean more of the WOD or Metcon end of workout aspect with your traditional bodybuilding type routine. After talking to her, my mind started spinning. What kind of workouts could I produce, but too what was my goal? 

See, I feel like anyone lifting has some type of end goal. Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, strength, or something similar we go to the gym with some type of intent. For me, it was that I knew I wanted better conditioning skills. At the same time, I wanted to do more hypertrophy for a while because I lost the care / interest in lifting "heavy" (below 5 reps) like I had been used to doing in powerlifting.

This sparked another conversation, why is it that we often at times feel compelled to lift ONE WAY. Why is it that morphing training styles, or deciding not to do what everyone else might be doing gets the weirdest looks? If you're doing this for yourself, then it shouldn't matter. Whether you want to compete on stage, powerlift, weightlift, crossfit, or be a hybrid all around athlete. 

For the last 3 weeks, I have completely changed how I workout. One, is that I am in / out of the gym in about a hour. Two, I have been doing yoga 2x a week or ROMWOD daily. (Which this is another post soon on the benefits). Three, the rigidness of my workouts is more lax. If my body doesn't feel right then I chose to do another muscle group. Most importantly though, my workouts have become fun again.

The excitement to go to the gym is finally there again. I don't feel as beat up, I can do 10-12 reps on a squat without wanting to throw up LOL. While doing this too, I am seeing results and am pushing myself in a new way. To me that is the most important thing. 

I think when someone asks, "What type of workouts should I be doing?" The answer more than anything has to be the ones that you'll stay consistent with. The ones you can track progress / progressions with. 

With that I figured I would start sharing my workouts on here, & also just any tips / training info I can to those who care to read. 

Today: 4x15 DB flat bench  + 4x10x10 Lateral / Frontal DB raises  (it's a triset)  4x12 Incline DB bench - single DB squeeze palms together to activate chest  + 4x10 push ups  100 Standing skull crushers 

4 Rounds: 10 cal air bike  5x arm DB snatches  15 TRX knee ins 

The other great part would be that I have increased my calories from 250 carbs to now 300 daily. The scale has not only dropped a pound, but my BF decreased too.  If you're going to the gym, and dreading it / resenting it when you used to love it I strongly suggest you take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself what it is you like, what it is you want to achieve, what it is you're missing. 

Customized workout plans:

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