What Are You Actually Doing In Your Life?

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Do not move forward in this blog post until you ponder that opening title for a good 5 minutes. Write it down, verbalize it, whatever you choose. Seriously this means you, go set your timer and get uncomfortable. (It will probably get more uncomfortable as we go BUT that's okay).

END timer, now look at what came to mind. For many of us (this includes me) a lot of feelings or thoughts will rise. Feelings of doing enough, being enough, pursuing enough. Thoughts on wanting more, just going through the motions, or even "better" simply not knowing what you're even doing. 2 weeks into quarantine and I am sure me asking you to set a 5 minute timer is not the first time you're realizing any of this. It should also be mentioned I am not saying all this to sound like a total tool bag.

In a time where most of us have been land locked into our homes, there's one thing I have realized. The most certain thing, is that the uncertain. With knowing that it also leads to the realization that nothing is promised. Heck you're not even promised the rest of today...given that logic, I ask again: What are you actually doing with your life?

If you are someone who answered it with an I don't know, I urge you to use this time to find out what you truly want to be doing. Basically I want you to chase the fulfillment that is most likely lacking in your current situation. Perhaps though you're playing it safe. You're doing the things you're "meant" to be doing. (I say meant in regards to what society). But is that what you want to be doing? If you actually knew tomorrow was gone, or you only had until next week what would you change in your life?

See I find most of us simply exist rather than live.

More often than not, it is for one of the following reasons:

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of being judged

  • Fear of letting someone down

  • Fear of the unknown (ME ALWAYS)

Truth be told though those are all really crappy reasons to not live. Truth be told it's a really crappy reason to just go through the f*ing motions. This is the time when you get to take a step back and reroute your life. It's when you get to change direction, but you cannot do that without acknowledging those things need to happen. If you know you can do more, be better, live more...NOW is when you take action on those things. & for those of you who say, "I don't have time". Sorry but get off your high horse of excuses, because 75% of us have more free time than we know what to do with.

Even in taking my own advice, I will be honest it doesn't feel good at first. (Sometimes) It can be very uncomfortable realizing the passion you have for something, or purpose you're meant to be serving isn't even close to where you are on the map called life. However, it is your passion / purpose that should be driving you in life. It should be what drives you to be better. It is the force that should have you wake up from f*ing settling on whatever it is you have allowed yourself to believe is what you're meant to be doing. The one thing this whole quarantine can teach us, is that for many of us it's time we get real. So rather than just passing go, collecting your $200, and moving forward in another mindless day use these 5 minutes to make changes in regards to those thoughts that surfaced.



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