What Happens When You're in The Middle of Nowhere on The Road: 10 Epiphanies About SUV Life.

Cue the Wizard of OZ, because that might be the greatest thing about Kansas. Maybe that was a bit harsh, then again it is farms for days. However, to give it some hype and credit here are a few fun factoids you might not know.

  • It is indeed called the windy city with winds pegging 14+ MPH.

  • It is labeled as being flatter than a pancake, I didn't make that up.

  • Oddly it has over 3 million citizens who CHOOSE to live there...still questioning that one, but who am I to judge.

  • There's a castle, Coronado Heights- & I had to go there.

The Coronado Heights Castle is said to be close to where none other Francisco Vasquez de Coronado ended his expeditions in the 1500s. & in the grand scheme of things to see (or lack there of in Kansas) it is quite a scenic overlook that was constructed around 1930.

Now given that my drive from TN to Utah had about 8 hours of tumbleweeds, winds, and farmlands...one can only imagine what thoughts start to surface. I'd say my adventure was full of true crime podcasts, epic throwback jam sessions, & iconic views but I am not one to lie. Truthfully, it was full of barely any service and a few "A HA" moments/realizations from my SUV endeavors. With that what better time to share the comedy of these realizations then now after a few more travels under my belt. I'll also be upfront that it will be personal & we might grow closer after you read this LOL.

PS, these are just my thoughts/realizations. For some, these things might not matter or even be a consideration. In my opinion though since I said I'd be as transparent as possible about my experiences, this might be a little eye opening for anyone wanting to adventure the way I have been. Might as well lay it all out there now before you embark on something that isn't ideal.

10 truth bombs with SUV life, and epiphanies:

  • Going to the bathroom will not be a private thing anymore. & DO NOT skip rest areas when in the middle of nowhere. (Regrets will happen on that one LOL). Get cozy with the fact that you'll be doing business with strangers in stalls next to you 8/10 times. Oh & that means no more #2 in the comfort of your own space.

  • Gas station selections DO matter. Unless I am in total SOL luck, I prefer to only stop at certain gas stations due to cleanliness, and tolerable coffee. (LOVES, Marathons, Shells). We all know the real golden gem is Buc-ees but this isn't TX sadly.

  • Howling wind is slightly soothing, didn't know I'd have my own built in sound machine for sleeping. Oh & when you do hear something in the middle of the night the thoughts shift from someone's breaking in to SHIT what's about to hit my car, or do I need to move.

  • Remember when I said don't skip rest areas, told you so. Life will start to be questionable, and yes you will consider the scene in Dumb and Dumber.

  • Sleeping at night isn't the Four Seasons, but hey the stars/clear skies while your sleeping bag slides down from every shift you make is pretty.

  • A lacrosse ball will be a best buddy to try and trigger point the glutes, piriformis areas, and mid back while on the long treks. Don't leave home without it.

  • Anyone who gets in your car will probably question why you have utensils, napkins, & single sauce packets stashes in doors.

  • Modesty will no longer be a thing as you change in your car from jam jams, & someone at some point will accidently get a free show or a nip slip. Oh, & if you do change early in the dark there's a high chance something will be inside out.

  • Cracking the window at night does matter, unless you want to create the facade you are in a true Titanic romance scene. Once again no judgement. #singleaf

  • Kansas BLOWS figuratively and physically drivewise. Doesn't change doing it a second time. IF you can avoid it, do so. If you can't then go see the castle, and get ready for some deep thoughts during your alone time.

My hopes in this Travel with Taryn moment, is that I at least provided you with a few laughs yet truthful insights I have had after adventuring randomly for about 2 months now overall. & in case you need to know a few things about Kansas, you now have a few tools in your toolbelt to be Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. The more I trek along the US in my SUV to see amazing sights, the more I am shocked at hidden gems along the way. Never did I think I'd be doing something like this, and yet never did I think I'd enjoy it as much as I have. My biggest Epiphany though is how capable I am in this solo wanderlust happening.

Until next time, wanderlust and choose adventure.

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