What I Learned From Being 27:

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She wasn't stuck

She wasn't lost

She was merely holding her ground

Being strategic in her next move to create the life she deserved.

- Taryn.

It's funny as we get older how many of us don't get excited for our birthdays anymore. It's just "another day" or "another year". Honestly when I turned 25 I remember feeling the same way. What was so exciting? My insurance dropped, but there was nothing I was looking forward too. Then 26 came and well like people going through a midlife crisis, I felt like I had hit a quarter life one.

My 20's have been a roller coaster to say the least. From graduating college at 22, teaching, moving, training, serious relationship, to finally leaving the state of Texas there have been numerous times where I questioned what am I doing. See for the longest time, I lived on a timeline. I felt like by a certain age things were supposed to happen, and the fact that I am still soul searching really left me in a funk.

Then 27 hit, and I really began getting intentional with finding ME. Think of like a first date, only it's with yourself. I had ended a serious relationship mid year of being 26, was in a new city, and 27 was like rediscovering who I really was. (Rather who I was meant to be). What did I like? What did I dislike? What were my dreams / visions? Goals, desires, intentions? I'll be the first to say too, I hate dating for the most part so this was hard to ask myself.

But with all the confusion, all the roller coasters, and all the uncertainty there is one thing for sure 27 has been my favorite year thus far. I turn 28 in just a few days, but here are my favorite things from this last year.

Highlights of 27:

  • Apollo came into my life.

  • I took my first vacations.

  • Disney world happened twice LOL.

  • Got to learn from the coolest Chiro I know about the body / movement patterns.

  • Lived in San Antonio.

  • Realized from moving 5,6,7? times that I don't need a lot to be happy.

  • Booked a trip (technically TWO trips to Colorado).

  • Met my IG soul sister, Leah, in person.

  • Read easily 10 self development books.

  • Aerial Yoga was attempted.

  • Blogged more than ever.

  • New tattoos.

  • Took some risks. Said no to things.

  • Started writing poetry.


I could go on, but you get the idea. 27 has been my biggest growth year mentally. While I am thankful for what 27 has brought, I cannot wait for what 28 holds. 27 you were everything I needed to show me what I was missing.

27 has also taught me that life is not meant for a timeline. If you're happy, healthy, chasing your dreams...who cares what age you are? Who cares if you decide to go back to school, move cities randomly, try a new field, risk starting a business. Life is much more exciting when you release the how, the when, the timelines, and simply just start living with the now.

Most of all, my favorite part about this last year though is I am not the only one who has noticed this new "me". This new confidence, or rather glowing version of myself.

Here's to 28 and feeling great.



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