Facts about yoga / benefits:

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Mobility, recovery, rest, relaxation <-- these are all things I neglected far too much for someone as involved in fitness as I am. It wasn't until recently that I began to really make sure those aspects were happening frequently within my daily life. At first I will be honest I had NO IDEA what I was doing, nor how much I would love this new "hobby".

Being an all in type of gal, I decided to jump on the yoga bandwagon. I found a studio near me (Half Moon Power Yoga for those in SA) and challenged myself to going at least 2x a week. I had no real experience, & honestly was not sure what I was getting myself into. I remember my first class, I signed up for 75 min OOPS. 60 vs. 75 doesn't seem like a difference LOL but it is. Anyway, after completing it thought I felt great. I was actually more shocked at the flexibility I had for not doing this ever. 

The 2nd class that week, I could tell I was able to get into the movements easier which was great. It was also easier for me to know the names of the poses they were doing. After those two experiences, I noticed that I craved going back. It was not just a physical change going on, but a mental one that I didn't expect to happen. Within my 1st month there, I ended up going 12 times. LIKE WHO AM I?! 

Practice, and consistency <3

Yoga allowed my body to recover better, my mood to change, sleep patterns began to shift. I felt like I had a connection to my mind, and body at the same time. Rest days started becoming yoga class days, and if I couldn't make it then I made sure to get a ROMWOD in. (Ask me about this if you've never heard of it).

If you're a lifter, runner, cycle goer, whatever tickles your fancy I cannot recommend making sure you get some type of mobility work in often. Maybe that isn't yoga (totes okay), heck even a 20 min ROMWOD is going to do wonders.  Trust me when I say your body will thank you later. While my #flexibility has improved here are other benefits of yoga:

-muscle strength -posture  -mood -increased blood flow -protects your spine -helps you focus -lowers your blood pressure -builds awareness 

I promise if you give it a go, or add in some movement recovery aspect you won't be disappointed. Plus your body will thank you later :) 

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